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The October 2020 fashion trends are full of progressive designs that nod to tradition and honor contemporary aesthetics as well. As the fall season fast approaches, many brands prepare for the dropping temperatures with creative layering items that encourage consumers to explore their own style statements.

One of the standout launches of the month is by SHEBA as it imagines a post-pandemic world with the PROLETARIAT collection. It embodies a dark theme that is reinforced by baggy silhouettes, textural outerwear, loose jackets, cut hoodies, woven tank tops, and more. Another great fashion idea this month is the SafeTee t-shirt that functions both as a t-shirt and as a face mask. The dual design is entirely breathable with its construction of cotton and polyester.

#99. Celebrity Makeup Brands


Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty is a mission-driven beauty brand that’s centered on sharing “uncomplicated beauty products” that are airy, breathable and adjustable to one’s desired level of coverage. The feel-good makeup products are designed to help people accentuate their best features, embrace what makes them unique and defy unrealistic expectations across the industry—as Rare Beauty is devoted to “[challenging] the beauty myth of physical perfection.” 

#80. Modern Biodegradable Footwear


The Kengos plant-based sneakers are an eco-friendly footwear option for consumers who are seeking out a more sustainable yet stylish option for their wardrobe. The vegan-friendly footwear is crafted with 98% plant-based materials includingn corn, rubber, eucalyptus and cork, which help them to decompose after use instead of hanging around in a landfill for decades.


The materials include the Amaize corn-based fabric on the upper, a eucalyptus lining, a cork midsole and the Pure-Flex rubber outsole…

#72. Avant-Garde Affordable Apparel

fashionWalmart expands its extensive fashion portfolio with the addition of a new brand, Free Assembly, targeted to contemporary men and women. The elevated collection was speared headed by industry veteran Dwight Fenton and features avant-garde, layer-friendly silhouettes for a chic and versatile wardrobe…

#61. Luxury Carnival-Inspired Swimwear


Chéri House is a new luxurious swimwear line founded by Moneifa Murray and the collection pays homage to Moneifa’s love of travel and Caribbean heritage. Moneifa grew up loving the extravagant costumes worn for Carnival, and the new Chéri House line draws inspiration from the way a basic swimsuit could be elevated with embellishments…

#51.Vibrant Eye-Catching Face Masks


Stoney Clover Lane, founded by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer, is renowned for its colorful pieces that offer an eye-catching, playful aesthetic. The brand recently expanded its portfolio with the addition of cute and comfortably face mask styles in packs of two, six or with an equally eye-catching carrying case…

#45. Fictional Post-Pandemic Fashion


Japanese fashion brand SHEBA introduces its latest collection for the Spring/Summer 2020 season entitled ‘PROLETARIAT.’ This is named after the working class and takes on a fictional theme to push its own creative boundaries this season. The dark theme of the capsule imagines a post-pandemic world view for a bold and captivating energy. The capsule features progressive items such as baggy shorts, woven tank tops, textural anoraks, loosely fitted field jackets, cut-off hoodies, and more…

#44. Chic Urban Utility Collections


Dickies Life is reimagining two of its most iconic silhouettes—that includes the Eisenhower Jacket and the Utility Cargo Pant. Celebrated for its durability and functionality, the brand has carved itself a place in the contemporary streetwear category as a purveyor of aesthetically forward utilitarian workwear collection…

#36. Cozy Autumnal Editorials


The Ones 2 Watch ‘Young Girl Blues’ editorial is elegantly layered for fall highlighting a handful of cozy wardrobe staples. The editorial’s standout accessories include logo-adorned caps, bucket hats and chunky dad sneakers…

#24. Fuzzy Sky-Printed Jackets


Jaded London’s Cloud Borg Jacket is a sky-printed statement piece that will keep fashion fans warm in the cool weather ahead. The unisex jacket’s most eye-catching element is its blue and white sky pattern and teddy bear faux fur texture…

#14. Playful Toy-Accented Fashion


This fall, there’s a limited-edition LEGO x Levi’s collection of “wearable art” that will be dropping that shares wardrobe staples with a playful twist. From trucker jackets to jeans, some of Levi’s most classic pieces are being reinvented with playful LEGO details—those with a keen eye for detail will see that there’s a LEGO patch in place of Levi’s traditional leather version…

#5. Innovative Lipstick Sampling Solutions


A new lipstick sampling solution is developed by LIVCER in light of COVID-19. Dubbed ‘Livstick,’ the innovation is designed to answer consumer concerns for health and safety, which have understandably skyrocketed from the onset of the pandemic…


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