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The best movies to watch in November 2020

The Best Movies Leaving Hulu in November 2020

by Ben Pearson

One and a half months. That’s how long you have to watch these movies before they vanish from Hulu – possibly forever. Will these cinematic classics ever return to that specific streaming service? Who can say? Streaming rights are nebulous things. So it’s probably for the best to carve out some time and watch these before you have to fire up a different streaming service – or, worse, re-activate your Netflix by mail DVD plan – in order to see them. Here are the best movies leaving Hulu in November 2020.


Absolute Power

A story about the President of the United States abusing his power? What a ludicrous piece of fiction! Such a laughable idea! But seriously folks, Absolute Power is the type of solid, down-the-middle thriller for adults that Hollywood used to pump out all the time but have become all-too-rare these days. Clint Eastwood directs and stars, and you should give this one a shot before it disappears. Go ahead…make his day.


Casino Royale

This is the best James Bond movie, hands down. Goldfinger? Get outta here. From Russia With Love? Take a seat, pal. Skyfall? More like Cry-all, as in “Skyfall will cry all day because it can’t hold a candle to Casino Royale.” A Bond movie has never been more visceral, sexy, or romantic than Martin Campbell’s 2006 reboot of the franchise, introducing Daniel Craig as agent 007. Have at it, commenters.


Demolition Man

Ridiculous, over-the-top, and lots of fun, Demolition Man is the type of movie that could only have been made in the 1990s, in an era of Hollywood that’s practically unrecognizable now. This type of no-holds-barred, big-budget action filmmaking rarely happens these days unless it’s buried in a piece of familiar intellectual property. But watching Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, and Wesley Snipes battle it out in this futuristic macho movie is a throwback worth seeing at least once. Drop us a line if you can figure out the seashell thing.


Deep Blue Sea

This movie is goofy at points, but it’s also genuinely thrilling, which is about all you can ask for from a movie about scientists who want to use sharks to cure Alzheimer’s but who end up making them into even more efficient killing machines. That Sam Jackson moment is legendary for a reason, but there’s a lot more to this movie than just that twist and that speech. Dive in and give it a shot before it swims away.


Evil Dead II

Sam Raimi’s masterpiece didn’t so much build on the groundwork he laid in the first film as it ripped up the foundation, gave it a fresh coat of paint, and rebuilt it from scratch.I know foundations don’t need paint. The point is, Raimi revamped his cabin in the woods horror film into something that is more in line with his directorial temperament, and made a movie that will forever be perfectly representative of the type of fun-loving, genre-embracing director he’s always been.


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