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Sextons time is now. Having made music for damn near her entire life, the Perth, Australia native is determined to be a role model for aspiring artists all around the world. With the current state of the world, the singer-songwriter prides herself in creating meaningful music that the masses can relate to, while pushing female empowerment, endless motivation, and unwavering passion.

She describes herself as “a rebel with a cause, a girl that likes to keep it raw and real at all times. A girl who doesn’t want to be put in a box, music is all I know”. Having gone through her own obstacles signing to a major label, Sexton asked to be released so she could continue her independent grind.


On her neck hails a “RAW” tattoo, which stands for “raw authentic woman.” Her initiative is to help females know their worth, demand respect, love themselves, and stop chasing what society paints as “the perfect barbie doll.”


With her Sexton Records baby headquarters set up in her apartment, she recently released singles “Lonely 19” and “On The Way“ during quarantine. Flaunt caught up with Sexton at the Kandypens house in Los Angeles to discuss what happened with her deal, hew newfound independence, her own label Sexton Records, advice for up and comers.


Being from Perth, Australia, what was it like growing up?

Perth is a really beautiful place for nature. Unfortunately now there’s a lot of sharks in the ocean, but I used to be deep-diving in the ocean. Running around barefoot. It’s really peaceful in my hometown, a lot of live music. I started in a band, I was the singer, the guitarist, the drummer.


I still play guitar. My teacher was really great, he wanted us to know a bit of every instrument. Even if we didn’t master it, he’d force us to play different positions in a band…


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source: https://flaunt.com/content/sexton-raw-authentic-woman

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