Actually, many wealthy people try to hide the fact and do not want to look expensive


However, for those people who do not have that luxury and need to look better than the person next to them, to get that job or to get that special attention to get their life on track, need to look as if they don´t need to concentrate on their appearance.

When our appearance is pleasing to the eye, it sends positive vibrations all around us.

How to look expensive when you are on a budget?

1. Let your style be simple




This is something that you really should think about when it comes to looking expensive, well that is “Less is more” and the reason for that is because simplicity is often more associated with being expensive.

Fashion houses have many expensive brands that have very simple styles in clothing, in the way they create clothes, they let the clothing speak for itself.

2. Wear flattering clothes




Basically it makes you feel comfortable and it makes you feel confident. And we all know by now that in order to look expensive you really have to show off your clothes with confidence, poise and also in a way make people believe that it’s more expensive than it actually is.

3. Beauty




Honestly, your grooming is actually more important than your clothes. Grooming and being polished is all about beauty also costs money.

You can do a lot of things at home by doing a lot of things yourself and take time and learn the skills you are actually able to create an affluent look to yourself without having to invest too much money in it.

4. Be clever with your budget



You have to become an expert in now.

You need to touch every clothing how it feels you also need to see the wrinkle easy it’s difficult to maintain also things like stitching like for instance do the stitches show very clearly because that always gives away if something is cheap or not.

Other ways how you can kind of pimp up your budget clothing is by looking at the fit most of the times the things will just be averaged but the secret trick takes you cheap Zara shirt for instance and take it to a tailor that is not expensive.

5. Expensive-looking colors




All colors can make you look expensive, if you know a bit on how colors work. Colors, just like everything else, are vibrations and vibrations make you feel good or bad depending on many things. If your vibrations are not in sync, you will feel it.

Everyone can look stunning just by wearing colors that agree with their own special coloring.
To look expensive you should be using your own best solid colors and combining them with a small detail in some other color. Also your grooming should be top notch as well as your look of being healthy.


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