Roland Mouret’s  clothes make women feel good in their own skin. He’s a designer who knows exactly what his customer wants, ensuring they feel powerful, confident and sensual – all rolled into one. As for the designs, Mouret said he put the focus on clothes fit for a day — and a night — at home. “Staying home has become normal now, but people still want to dress and celebrate the moment,” he said.


This is not a typical pre-fall collection. What his fashion is for he’s as certain about as when he began. Doing his look book shoot—in his Mount Street atelier with his house model and a photographer, all safely distanced—reaffirms it: “Something that makes you want to jump and smile! I wanted to reference what I love about fashion.


It reminded me of Bill King covers, and the ’80s. The strength of that joy, the power of color. It was so enjoyable, being back and feeling creative and energetic again, and with only four of us together in a room.”

We asked the designer 10 VIQs (that’s very important questions).


1. What was the inspiration behind your PF2020 collection?

“I designed the collection pre-coronavirus and I think any inspirations I’d had in mind at the time would feel quite irrelevant today… However, I feel the collection will actually resonate even more with our customer now. It’s all about the strength of shapes and full of light, colour and emotion.”


2. Where should people wear the collection once lockdown is lifted?

“Everywhere! I think as a designer one of our roles is to understand the social life of our customer and how the collection can easily fit into their future lives.”


3. Have you picked up any new hobbies during lockdown?

“Lots of cooking. Ottolenghi is the master.”


4. What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

“I don’t have a favourite piece in the collection, they all carry a story and it’s like family, you can’t choose one over another!”


5. Can you explain your inspiration for the collection’s colour palette?

“This collection is all about the joy and emotion of colour. Colour therapy is very important to me, understanding the impact different colours can have on your mood and all their associations.”

Pre-fall 2020 collection: Roland Moure fashion show 1

6. What have you been binging during lockdown?

The Mandalorian, Queer Eye and Judge Judy – I like to keep it varied.”

Pre-fall 2020 collection: Roland Moure fashion show 2

7. If you had to describe the Roland Mouret women in three words, what would they be?

“Sophia Neophitou’s Wardrobe.”

Pre-fall 2020 collection: Roland Moure fashion show 3

8. What were you listening to whilst making the collection?

“The one thing I’m listening to often is Eddy De Pretto – a French singer-songwriter.”

Pre-fall 2020 collection: Roland Moure fashion show 4

9. If this collection had a scent, what would it be?

Une Amourette – the fragrance I created in collaboration with Etat Libre D’Orange.”

Pre-fall 2020 collection: Roland Moure fashion show 5

10. Where’s the first place you’re going to take a trip to once lockdown is lifted?

I would love to go back to Greece, to Kefalonia or the Perantzada Hotel which I discovered with Sophia [Neophitou].”

Pre-fall 2020 collection: Roland Moure fashion show 6


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