Nudity in film should be distinguished from sex in film

Erotic films are suggestive of sexuality, and usually contain nudity, though that is not a prerequisite. Unlike actual porn, mainstream movies are saddled with things like "plot" and "coherent storylines," but that doesn't mean that those plots and coherent storylines can't be served by lots (and lots and lots) of nudity.

'Love' (2015)


And, over the years, many mainstream movies have taken advantage of their ability to tell beautiful stories full of beautiful bodies in various states of undress. Nude scenes can be controversial in some cultures because they may challenge some of the community's standards of modesty.

'Crash' (1996)


These standards vary by culture, and depend on the type of nudity, who is exposed, which parts of the body are exposed, the duration of the exposure, the pose, the context, and other aspects.

'Tokyo Decadence' (1992)


Some of these movies are truly almost porn (we're looking at you, Room in Rome and The Dreamers) and some are so mainstream they were nominated for Academy Awards (like The Wolf of Wall Street and Boogie Nights). Across the board, many of these feature A-list, top tier talent though (like Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Antonio Banderas, and James Spader, just to name a few).

'Original Sin' (2001)


The lesson to be learned: You may need to rethink your preconceived notions of what excessive nudity in a movie says about that movie.
Looking for a movie that's almost porn, but technically not?

'The Wolf of Wall Street' (2013)


Ready to dive in and explore the world of mainstream movies with nearly porn-levels of nudity? Here are movies that will get you turned on with their almost nonstop nudity. And yet, they're still totally mainstream with great plots and talented actors. Consider it sex with a side of sophistication.

'Blue Is The Warmest Color' (2013)


This movie won the hearts of critics and audiences alike, as well as the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Blue Is The Warmest Color follows the romance between two women and features several realistic love scenes in which the stars are fully nude.

'9 Songs' (2004)


This art drama, screened at the Cannes Film Festival, featured unsimulated sex acts performed by its leads, Kieran O'Brien and Margo Stilley, who play lovers that attend a lot of rock concerts and have a lot of intercourse.

'Eyes Wide Shut' (1999)


Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut, starred then-married actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a couple going through a rough patch in their marriage. Kidman's character admits that she's fantasized about having an affair and it throws Cruise's character into a crisis that can only be solved by attending a trippy, masked orgy.

'Cashback' (2006)


An artist suffering from insomnia decides to get a job working the night shift at a local supermarket, where he develops a crush on a coworker and lets his imagination run wild. Is it any surprise that a movie about an insomniac artist's rich inner imaginary world would be heavy on nudity?

'Room in Rome' (2010)


If you're looking for a mainstream movie that gets as close to the "actually porn" line as possible without crossing it, Room in Rome fits the bill. The 2010 Spanish erotic drama is about the emotional and sexual relationship between two women who spend a single night together in a hotel room in Rome.



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