A party without cake is just a meeting


Definitely, any special occasion is made even more beautiful by having cakes! Good food, good company, good drinks and good cake always make a perfect combination!


A new food trend that originated in Korea and is gaining serious popularity all over the world right now is minimalist cakes. The word "minimalism" has been around for a while now when it comes to things like home decor, but the idea that less is more also works really well for food — especially cake decorations!


While some of these cakes have a complex design, the overall feel is scaled way back from what we're so used to seeing on cakes: tons of decorations, lots of color, and a usually obscene amount of frosting. With designs inspired by things like pop culture and nature, these cakes are perfect for anyone who wants their dessert to stand out in a unique, understated way.


Look up several online cake shops, and you will see how their common denominator nowadays are minimalist Korean-style cakes.


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