The latest Moncler Genius  collection

 collectionRichard Quinn  is a designer who knows how to put on a show. One of my fondest memories, before the world went into lockdown, was attending Quinn’s mammoth AW20  spectacle. Quinn is a master in providing the ultimate fashion fantasy; those moments of sheer exuberance that whisk you away to a land far from our own. Now more than ever we’re relying on our clothes to escape as we’re stuck inside the four walls of our bedrooms. Luckily for us, Quinn is armed and ready to take us on a new, exciting journey. collectionFor his latest Moncler Genius  collection, the designer took a step back in time. “I was looking at the 1960s ideas of modernity and graphic silhouettes. I wanted to streamline some of the designs to incorporate down in a new easy way,” he explains. There’s a range of tees, hoodies and leggings that pop in vivid technicoloured print, as well as a chorus of cracking outerwear – from rainbow gilets to blue gingham check puffas. collectionThe collection also doubles as Quinn’s first couture offering for Moncler Genius. Puffa coats are swollen into voluptuous ballgowns at breath-taking volumes, splashed in the most gorgeous hues. “It was a really creative and exciting way to explore the two brands together. collectionIt allowed me to be free in terms of volumes and ideas to push the aesthetic to the limit. It was great to see how we could create these really voluminous gowns that were light as a feather,” says Quinn. In celebration of such marvellous creations, we asked Quinn 10 dazzling questions: collection

1. The set that staged the collection was very 2001: A Space Odyssey, what are some of your personal favourite films?

“Personal favourites really vary in genre but I would be happy watching anything by Tim Burton, Pulp FictionHarry PotterWizard of Oz, Uncle BuckMIB – the list is endless, big film fan!”


2. If you could have anyone wear the gigantic rainbow gown from the collection, who would it be?

“It would be amazing to see someone iconic such as Grace Jones performing at Gay Pride, then stepping out of it into a rainbow crystallized bodysuit!”


3. If you could describe your design process with a song, which would it be?

“‘Flowers’ by Sweet Female Attitude.”



4. If you could only use one type of floral in your collections, which would it be?

“I think florals with dark bases are always really sexy and more flattering – a deep black velvet with red and pink roses is very sexy!”


5. What is your favourite piece from the collection?

“I really enjoy the fishtail wiggle dress in puffer with the zebra sequin bodysuit or the full head to toe daisy look!”


6. Where should people wear this collection to once lockdown is lifted?

“I have included some classic Moncler wind breakers and puffers for looking cool on the street as well as the shift and more elaborate pieces for evening. The collection is always so interesting to do as people seem to style it in so many innovative and individual ways – so excited to see!”


7. Growing up, which designers made you want to get into fashion?

I used to see lots of shows on the Fashion Channel that would be really inspiring from Dior to Gaultier. I then was more aware of fashion in my teens through advertising. There was a Burberry advert with Agyness Deyn jumping to the camera to indie music that I thought was the coolest thing for a long time.


8. What subjects were you good at in school?

“Art, PE, English, Drama.”


9. Who were your style heroes growing up and why?

“I love Grace Jones, I always found her so unapologetic and beautiful in her airbrushed make up – iconic! I also loved the real Britpop era with Naomi and Kate Moss!”


10. If you had to put down the scissors, which new skill would you pick up instead?

“I love to paint but I haven’t had time to do it in recent years – it would be great to have a little studio in my garden to paint to relax. That or baking!”


The 8 Moncler Richard Quinn Collection 2020 is available to buy online now.

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