Luxury accessories: handbags


“When we launched Rebag, our goal was to become the expert in luxury handbags, which we largely succeeded in,” said Charles Gorra in a press release, the CEO and Founder of Rebag.

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Namely, Rebag, a luxury retailer specializing in used designer handbags. According to Thredup’s 2019 resale report, the secondhand industry has grown 21 times faster than the traditional retail industry in the past three years.


Since Rebag’s launch in 2014, the site has become one of the top resale destinations with ongoing innovations that redefine how customers shop and view luxury fashion. In 2019, Rebag introduced Clair, an industry-shattering proprietary tool that pumps out the cost and resale value of almost any designer bag within an hour. 


 “By expanding our business model with the launch of accessories, we are excited to broaden our knowledge and continue to share it with our customers.”


This development establishes Rebag not only a premiere spot to get the hottest it-bag on the market, but now it is a trustworthy place to buy vintage Chanel jewelry, covetable Fendi accessories and more. You finally can stop letting that old Louis Vuitton belt collect dust in your closet— Just sell it to Rebag and find something you’ll actually want to wear.