Hottest Eye Makeup Ideas To Makes You Look Stunning


Since we absolutely love featuring artists and the amazing work that they produce using their skills and imagination, the artist that we are going to talk about and share the work of is a brilliant one too. Her name is Tal Peleg and she uses make-up to create art – art that you have never seen anywhere else.




And the fact that she literally made her eyes the canvas is something we are super proud of.




To create art regardless of its category and origin; the artist has to have inspirations. But it is also important to know that getting inspired does not happen just like that. You cannot go and sit in a closed room and think that this is it, this is how you are going to get inspired and ideas for your next big project.




You have to let your brain work in any possible direction; you have to explore freely in order to end up with thoughts that will help you do your thing.

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