Starting a new life

The month starts on an expansive note. We’re encouraged to open our minds on August 3, when the Moon waxes full in forward-thinking Aquarius and creates a square against change-loving Uranus at 11:58 a.m. EST. This is a day to absorb what is happening around us and focus on flexibility. Chatty Mercury speeds into the proud sign of Leo on August 4, altering how we share our thoughts. We’ll enjoy a new sense of confidence while the messenger planet moves through this sign, but we’ll have to be prepared to put a little extra effort into listening. Charming Venus makes her way into sensitive Cancer on August 7, helping us be gentler with our loved ones. We may notice that we’re more doting toward our partners, or that we’re feeling more open to new relationships. August 15 offers us an opportunity to manage our energy, as change-loving Uranus stations retrograde in reliable Taurus. We’re feeling a little jittery as this planet moves in reverse, and find it more challenging to tether our ideas. It’ll take more intention to center our thoughts, but if we make the effort it’ll pay off when Uranus stations direct in Taurus. Ready to get organized? The Sun enters Virgo’s practical sign on August 22, helping us figure out where loose ends can be tied up. We can use this transit to figure out how we can become more efficient and save time for what matters.
21st March to 19th April

How do you react to change at home, Aries? You may be in for a surprise on August 3, when the domestic ruling Moon waxes full in independent Aquarius and creates a square against inventive Uranus. You may feel pulled between differing opinions in your household during this phase, even as you aim to be pliable with loved ones. Routine-ruling Mercury enters the luxury-loving sign of Leo on August 4, tempting you to elevate your routines. Make sure that you’re living within your budget, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself. Affectionate Venus moves into the emotional sign of Cancer on August 7, helping you open up your heart. If you’re in a relationship, consider your love language, and how it complements your partners. Single Rams may notice themselves being a little more cautious around new people. The pleasure-seeking Sun brightens your 6th house of health, order, and service starting August 22, helping you bring joy back into your day to day schedule. Let yourself go with the flow during this transit.
20th April to 20th May

Are you ready to share your financial wisdom, Taurus? You could help others figure out how to care for their cash starting August 4, when materialistic Mercury speeds into generous Leo. Ensure that you’re using tact as you speak about money with others during this proud transit. You may want to stick closer to home beginning August 4, when routine-ruling Venus enters the sensitive sign of Cancer. Fix up your workstation at home, and figure out how you can make it a little cozier during this transit. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Career-ruling Uranus stations retrograde in persistent Taurus on August 15, making it a little difficult to gain traction at work. Instead of giving in to frustration, take this time to improve your skills, and nurture your ideas. You’ll be feeling inspired again starting August 22, when the domestic ruling Sun illuminates your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance. Take comfort in your space, and open it up to friends and loved ones to inspire each other. 
21st May 21 to 20th June

You’re on the edge of a breakthrough, Gemini. Your circumstances could change in a completely unexpected way on August 3, as the finance-ruling Moon waxes full in intelligent Aquarius and creates a square against creative Uranus. Remember to be adaptable during this transit, as you’ll benefit from being observant. Routine-ruling Mercury enters Leo’s charismatic sign on August 4, drawing people from your daily encounters closer to you. Enjoy the attention, and strike up new friendships with ease while the messenger planet moves through this popular sign. The Sun highlights your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations starting 
August 22, helping to draw your attention towards your core values. Make time to connect with loved ones, and fix up your space during this transit — you could be on your way to finding a new home if you’re looking.
21st June to 22nd July

Let yourself be open to new beginnings, Cancer. You could be called to lend your time to a worthwhile cause on August 3, when the ruling Moon waxes full in humanitarian Aquarius and creates a square against innovative Uranus. Instead of taking quick action, make sure that you use this transit to learn all you can before getting involved. You may feel compelled to share your stories with others starting August 4, when inner growth-ruling Mercury enters warmhearted Leo. People are receptive to your ideas, but make sure that you’re listening carefully as you share. Domestic-ruling Venus makes her way into loving Cancer on August 7, making home the place to be. Enjoy cleaning your space, adding new art, and getting creative with your surroundings in general during this transit. The material-minded Sun lights your 3rd house of communication and community starting August 22, helping you connect with your network. You’re ready to share your ideas with the world — use this time to brainstorm.
23rd July to 22nd August

Are you ready to take control of your finances, Leo? Spend time educating yourself starting August 4, when money-ruling Mercury makes his way in Leo’s mighty sign. It may be many Leos’ birthday month, but surprisingly, you may feel like withdrawing from the spotlight beginning August 7, when career-ruling Venus enters the protective sign of Cancer. It could be tempting to stick with your work BFFs during this transit, instead of branching out. Learn to enjoy the stillness starting August 15 when passionate Uranus stations retrograde in steady Taurus. If you’re single, this is a brilliant opportunity for you to know yourself and quiet your mind. In a relationship? Attached Leos will be encouraged to seek out peace and avoid drama as Uranus moves in reverse. The ruling Sun shines on your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions beginning August 22, further sharpening your mind and strengthening your budget. Consider what you need, and weight it against your desires during this transit.
23rd August to 22nd September

You’re ready to command attention at work, Virgo. Status-conscious Mercury sashays into the charismatic sign of Leo starting August 4, helping to elevate your career. Use this transit to be extra aware of how you present yourself to others in a professional setting. Money-minded Venus makes her entrance into conservative Cancer on August 7, directing your purchases towards home goods and gifts for loved ones. If you’re on a budget, learn to DIY gifts, or try your hand at baking some delicious treats for your family. You’ve got a great schedule — but can you stick to it? Routine-ruling Uranus stations retrograde in steady Taurus on August 15, preventing any significant changes to your daily duties. Enjoy finding your flow and make time for meditation as Uranus moves in reverse. The spotlight belongs to you starting August 22, as the Sun beams on your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance. Treat yourself to something special, and celebrate your season with your favorite people (from a slight distance).
23rd September to 22nd October

How do you react to change beyond your control, Libra? If you allow yourself to be flexible, you could benefit on August 3, when the career-ruling Moon waxes full in forward-thinking Aquarius and creates a square against dynamic Uranus. Consider your reactions during this powerful transit. Mercury, which governs inner growth, enters enthusiastic Leo on August 4, encouraging you to be braver when expressing your spiritual side. Allow yourself to be open and genuine with others while the messenger planet inhabits this house. Ruling Venus slides into the intuitive sign of Cancer starting August 7, helping you connect to your psychic side. Learn to trust yourself as Venus is powered up by the sign of the Crab. The Sun illuminates your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion starting August 22, encouraging you to take more time to heal your hidden self. Find a quiet place to gather your thoughts, and quiet your mind during this transit.
23rd October to 21st November

Embrace your softer side, Scorpio. You’re challenged to get in touch with your emotions starting August 7, when affection-ruling Venus moves into sensitive Cancer. If you’re single, this is an excellent chance for you to take time to reinforce boundaries. In a relationship? Attached Scorpios will enjoy indulging their partners, and enhance the nest that they share. Ready to experience the mundane? Domestic-ruling Uranus stations retrograde in steady Taurus on August 15, helping to keep external surprises to a minimum. If you’re craving a shift in your space, use this time to consider your options until January 14, 2021, when Uranus stations direct in Cancer. Worried about getting bored? Change is still on the menu — the status-ruling Sun brightens your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals beginning August 22, guaranteeing that you’ll have exciting ideas to share and develop this summer. 
22nd November to 21st December

Need a pick-me-up, Sagittarius? You’re about to get a boost of energy starting August 4, 
as love and career-ruling Mercury makes his way into the generous sign of Leo. This transit will help you to share your passions with the world and woo your special someone. You could get creative with your schedule beginning August 7, as routine-ruling Venus enters imaginative Cancer. Tap into your domestic side and enjoy getting comfy in your space while Venus hangs out in this sensitive sign. Get ready to take in some new attention starting August 22, when the Sun lights up your 10th house of career, structure, and public image. Prepare to make a good impression by cleaning up your online presence before this transit begins. Keep an eye on your inbox for attractive new opportunities.
22nd December to 19th January

Does your schedule need a little spice, Capricorn? You’re craving a change of pace starting August 4, when routine-ruling Mercury enters luxury-loving Leo. Figure out how you can elevate your days by dressing up or simply trying a new meal that excites your tastebuds. When you feel good, it shows. You may need some time to focus on your passion projects beginning August 7, when career-ruling Venus makes her way into protective Cancer. Ensure that you set up healthy boundaries with co-workers during this healing transit — it’s okay to be unavailable. Get to know your financial habits starting August 15, when money-minded Uranus stations retrograde in steady Taurus. Use this transit to become aware of your relationship with cash, and use it to create stability while Uranus moves in reverse. You’ll be ready to make moves again starting January 14, 2021, when the planet of change stations direct in Taurus. The Sun illuminates your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief beginning August 22, encouraging you to open your mind. Use this transit to consider where you’d like to travel when you’re able to do so.
20th January to 18th February

Are you guilty of getting in your own way, Aquarius? Try to be fluid as possible on August 3, when the routine-ruling Moon waxes full in independent Aquarius and creates a square against ruling Uranus. It’s a day to embrace change and listen to others. You may need to reduce your output at home starting August 7, when domestic-ruling Venus moves into deep-feeling Cancer. Figure out how you can create a more harmonious space, and take a digital detox whenever possible. Get to know your inner workings better by taking it easy starting August 15, when ruling Uranus stations retrograde in steady Taurus. Now is the time to get to know your inner self better — you’ll be on the right path starting January 14 when Uranus stations direct in Taurus. The affectionate Sun highlights your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change beginning August 22, helping you to undergo a new evolution. Be kind to yourself during this transit.
19th February to 20th March

It’s okay to let someone else take the lead, Pisces. Be open to differing points of view on August 3, when the creative-ruling Moon waxes full in intelligent Aquarius and creates a square against enigmatic Uranus. You could be presented with new options you never thought possible. You’re able to charm anyone who crosses your path starting August 4, when affectionate Mercury makes his way into charismatic Leo. Use your powers of persuasion for good, and enjoy building up your loved ones. Reach out to colleagues and collaborators starting August 22, when the routine-ruling Sun lights up your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. You could be welcoming a new relationship into your world. Nurture a passion project on August 29, when sweet Mercury creates a favorable trine with career-ruling Jupiter. It’s a beautiful day to discuss your goals.

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